Garage shelves for instruments plan

Garage shelves for instruments plans

For the shelves and racks to suit garage space, first define the place for installation. As a rule, they are organized on one wall side or in the end of a garage. The width is calculated so that you could have a free access to your car.

To organize racks you need:

A bar with 50х50 mm cross-section,

Chipboard or OSB sheets for shelves,

Angle irons and nails.

Rack foundation mush be solid, because the shelves must stand considerable weight of all instruments. Prepare all the calculations beforehand, starting work only after that.

The foundation of a handmade rack for instruments

First, you need to fix a bar on ceiling. To do that, you will need self-tapping screws with plastic dooks. Using the drill, make holes at the distance of 20-30 cm by the line marked beforehand.

In these holes the rooks are installed, and the bar is fixed to them by self-tapping screws. Using plummet, the place for the lower bar location is defined. Both upper and lower bars must be on one horizontal line so that the racks were reliable and solid.

Figure. The foundation for a handmade rack for instrument.

Now install vertical struts. To improve rack stability, the struts must be fixed at the distance 40-50 cm from each other.

After that you need to install horizontal lintels to put shelves on, but first define the places of their location.


For that you need a tape-measure. Check the distance from the floor to the first shelf row on the rack on each vertical bar.

Figure. Installation of handmade rack frame elements.

Measure the distance between each lintel. According to these dimensions, cut the bars and fix them.

Installation of handmade rack frame elements

These are garage shelves

Before the installation, count the number of shelves and perform frame assembly according to the plan or scheme you had prepared before.

Assembling the outer frame, you will need to fix the bars on the walls to install shelves.

All you need to do now is to make rack shelves and install them. Check the distance from the wall to rack end, and from one vertical lintel to another. According to the measured dimensions, cut out a chipboard sheet, install on the intended place and fix it by self-tapping screws or simple screws to make more reliable. Do the same with the rest shelves.

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