How To Build A Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

Your garage is in complete chaos? Make it up! Just for about $40 you can create a nice DIY garage shelf to store all your stuff. Being made of simple wooden details, it will help you to organize the space optimally! Custom garage shelving is quite expensive, so this DIY woodworking project is a nice alternative to the furniture sold in stores.

Here’s a step-by-step plan explaining how to make a garage shelf on your own. NOTE: All three sections in this shelving project are organized from 2×4 wood details. All you need is 2×4 wood, cut 6 support legs, 12 middle sections, and multiple pieces for the shelving surfaces.

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In order to build garage shelving yourself, you need to fulfill seven easy steps.

No certain dimensions are given, because a garage shelf needs to be customized in each separate case for your garage.

Follow all safety precautions when applying power tools.

How To Build A Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

1 – Take measurements of the garage wall area and purchase the needed quantity of 2×4 wooden beams.


2 – Basing of the required depth of your shelves, cut 12 pieces of wood for the middle sections.

Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

3 Basing of the required height of your shelves cut 6 pieces of wooden beams for support legs.

Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans

(According to the pictures below, cut the wooden beams of needed length for the shelving surfaces).

Garage Shelves With Wood

4 – Fix the beams together using wood screws and adding the middle sections to the support legs.

Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

5 – Organize 3 of the center support leg sections so that the height of each middle section was in one level with the others.

Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

(Make sure that the shelving surfaces are evenly organized, because that is important for the construction to stay stable)

6 – Start assembling the shelves by screwing the shelf surfaces into the three support leg sections.

Garage Shelves With Wood, Plans, DIY

7 – Finish assembling the unit. Not put the shelves on their place, making sure they are reliable and solid.

(To provide additional security and stability of the garage shelves or garage cabinet, apply a safety or hold bracket to the garage wall)

Have easier solutions? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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